Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bldg permits increase for San Diego County homes.

Finally the County has decided to issue house permits!! About time. San Diego county permits rose to their highest level in two years. This leads us to conclude that builders are going to create jobs and the economy is inching its way forward in a positive direction. Nevertheless, we are not out of the woods yet. This is still the second worst year for building permits (last year being the worst). San Diego median price hit a low in March 2009 ($326,830) and prices are now 21.7 percent higher than that low, still far off its peak of $622,380 in May 2006. (Data from C.A.R, California Association or Realtors). For more information on buying, selling, or renting out an income property in San Diego, please call Frank Rashid's cell phone at (858) 676-5250 or email him at rashid@rashidrealty.com. More on this within the next couple of weeks.

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