Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rental Property Inspection Checklist

Inspection checklist before renting your place:

1. All major utilities (electricity, gas, or water) must be turned on.

2. The cooking stove and oven must be clean and in working condition. All burner control knobs must be present.*

3. The refrigerator must be clean and in working condition.

4. The heating unit must be properly installed and vented and otherwise in good working order.

Check with SDG&E to ensure the safety of the heating system. Heater must be operational.

5. You must have hot and cold running water in the kitchen and bathroom(s).

6. There must be a shower or bathtub that is in good working condition.

7. There must be a flush toilet that works and does not leak.

8. The bathroom must have a window or working ventilation fan.

9. There must be no plumbing leaks or plugged drains.

10. All accessible outside doors and windows must have working locks.

11. Unit must have at least one exit door without a double‐keyed deadbolt lock.

12. All electrical outlets must have cover plates that are not cracked or broken.

13. There must be no missing, broken or badly cracked windows/window panes.

14. The roof must not leak.

15. The hot water tank for your unit must have a pressure relief valve and downward discharge pipe.

16. The carpet or linoleum must not have holes, tears, or loose seams.

17. Stairs and railings, inside and out, must be secure.

18. A stairway of four or more stairs requires a railing.

19. There can be no mice, rats, or insect infestation.

20. There MUST be a properly operating smoke detector on every level of the unit.

21. No cracking, chipping, scaling, or loose paint anywhere inside or outside of the unit if a child under the age of six resides or is expected to reside in the unit.

22. No excessive debris in or around the unit, such as an accumulation of boxes, paper, trash, wood, tires, machine or auto parts, batteries, paint cans, or old appliances. Derelict vehicles must be removed from the premises.

23. Security bars in the bedrooms must have a quick release device.

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