Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Required Items For Loan Applications

The following items are often requested by your lender. You might want to begin gathering this information in anticipation of their request.
1. Last two years worth of W-2 forms.
2. Last four pay stubs or one month’s worth if you are paid less than often than every week.
3. Last three months of checking account and savings account bank statements (all pages).
4. Last Statements from your stock portfolio (stocks, bonds, 401(k), IRA, Money Market, etc. – all pages).
5. Twelve months of cancelled rent checks (both sides).
6. Copy of divorce decree and child/alimony support stipulations.
7. Copy of bankruptcy schedules and discharge (all pages).
8. Names, addresses and phone numbers of all landlords and all employers for the last two years.
9. Copy of valid Driver’s License and Social Security Card.
10. Appraisal and Credit Report fees

We can give you a specific estimate for closing costs and help you figure out what you absolutely need to pay and what is junk fee. Feel free to call Frank Rashid at (858) 676-5250 should you need more information.

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